About Evolvexe

Our Mission

Evolvexe is an international consulting company founded by project management and justice sector professionals in Georgia, with representatives in Brussels and Washington DC. Through international donors and our corporate partners we provide aid to governments and non-state actors, as well as local communities in transitioning countries.


We unite experts in the field of public policy, justice, education and media and employ a results oriented, cost-effective, tailored approach to find prime solutions for existing development challenges. We strive to measure progress and impact and deliver first-rate reporting on our interventions.


While delivering change, we maintain links with local communities, connecting them with contemporary approaches and values through our work.

Our Vision

We seek recognition among the most efficient and trusted consultancies. We implement projects through rigorous planning, smart work and commitment. We tackle and solve development problems with the results based mindset and take pride in delivering change.

Our Principles

Innovative approaches

Challenges we face are constantly evolving. We are not bound only by template approaches and set patterns of doing things. Innovative, out of the box thinking is key to our success.

Tailored programs and planning

We mobilize available resources and expertise to design projects that suit outlined objectives and interests of potential beneficiaries, while taking local context and specifics into consideration.


Achievement of set objectives requires effective implementation. We place major emphasis on execution, understanding that success is never an accident, but the result of commitment to excellence. 

Cost effectiveness

We maximize available resources and expertise to make best possible contribution to the targeted impact. We make sure to follow up on our project interventions as necessary and generate concrete, applicable outputs.


We believe that success is the product of value. We concentrate on providing value, being confident that success follows.


We trust our ability to continue our mission into the future. Projects end eventually, but project impact should continue.

Community outreach

We make profound effort to stay connected directly to communities we are contributing to. This helps us better gauge existing needs, required interventions, specific results and long term impact.