Developing Assessment Methodology for the Effectiveness of Probation Services

Evolvexe Consulting has completed development of a special questionnaire which will enable state or non-state actors to assess the effectiveness of probation services in their respective countries. The questionnaire was primarily developed for civil society organizations in Armenia with funding provided by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation. The methodology contains a questionnaire evaluating a number of essential areas necessary for the effectiveness of probation services including infrastructure, human resources, caseload, staff evaluation, level of communication with probationers, data management and gender balance. Within the framework of the activity, Evolvexe Consulting co-founder and probation expert, Teimuraz Magradze led a workshop for Armenian civil society representatives on this matter.


Developing the Performance Management System for the National Forest Agency

Evolvexe Consulting, within the framework of the contract with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), has developed a human resources performance management system for the Georgian National Forest Agency (NFA). Evolvexe experts analyzed current processes and the potential of integration of the new system into the existing management software; developed the performance management cycle, criteria, rating scales, and defined competences. Experts created motivational maps for employees in accordance with legal requirements and client’s priorities and trained NFA’s managers and staff in objective setting, competences, development plan and the appraisal system.

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Analyzing Covid-19-Related Restrictions in Penitentiary and Probation Systems

Evolvexe Consulting has published a report on COVID-19-related restrictions in penitentiary and probation systems together with recommendations for future effective management of the pandemic in closed institutions. Two sections of the document cover penitentiary and probation systems separately, summarizing examples, best practices and statistical data from various countries. The publication was developed by Georgian experts in cooperation with representatives of international organizations, non-government organizations and relevant government agencies.  Work on the report was initiated during two webinars organized by Evolvexe Consulting on penitentiary and probation issues in June and July 2020.


Handbook for Probation Officers and Staff

Evolvexe Consulting developed a handbook for officers and staff of the Georgian probation service. “Reducing Re-offending and Minimising the Risk of Harm: A Handbook for Practitioners” was developed by 11 national and international experts and includes content which is essential for effective risk assessment in the system. The handbook consists of two parts, part one contains training reading and reference material for probation staff while part two includes guidelines for trainers on how to plan, structure and deliver training sessions on the identified topics. The handbook provides training material for induction training of probation staff, a reference source for all staff and a practical guide for the trainers of the system. The activity is implemented through a contract with the EU-funded project “Enabling Prison System to Prevent Re-offending” and in close cooperation with the National Agency of Crime Prevention, Execution of Non-custodial Sentences and Probation.